Inside Factory

FLOOR SPACE: We have approx 35,000 sft floor space.

MANPOWER: We have around 700 well-trained and skilled workforce. 70% out of total workforce are women.

VENTILATION SYSTEM: Our factory has nice ventilation facilities to make comfortable working environment for our employees.

PURE DRINKING WATER: We supply pure drinking water to our employees. The water quality is tested by international testing authority.

FIRST AID BOX: Enough number of first aid boxes are located every floor in our factory. Necessary first aid supplies are available all the time. A trained First Aider team is available in every floor.

EQUIPMENT FOR FIRE FIGHTING: Every floor of our factory is well-equipped with fire fighting equipment. Necessary documentation is maintained to ensure safety for people and assets. A trained Fire Fighting and Rescue team is available in every floor.

MEDICAL FACILITY: Our employees get Medical Service for free. We have appointed a doctor, who visit our factory periodically and the doctor is available on call.